Some Updates

It’s been quite a while since I’ve really given an update on what’s going on in my life regarding my work, so here’s a little check-in.

What’s really been taking up most of my time lately has been my upcoming film, Exactly Where I Saw Them. Shooting is planned sometime during this summer of 2020, so gathering a cast, equipment, and sets and props has been quite a task. As of writing this, I have one confirmed actress for the starring role of Queenie, but I still have the rest of the film to cast.

I am personally “wearing many hats” as an independent filmmaker always must, including the hat of composer, screenwriter, storyboard artist, and various other ones. Novel writing is effectively put on hold for the time being as I focus on both this, as well as promotional and marketing for the Plight of Steel.

On that note, let me talk about what’s going on in regards to The Plight of Steel. At present, I have a signing scheduled for the 25th of November 2019, which is something I have been mentally preparing for, as well as waiting for the shipment of books to come in. To go with the signing is a reading of a few pages from one chapter later in the novel, which should run only a couple minutes, not including the following question and answer segment.

An interview for local news might also be happening, which is exciting, as well as quite stressful. As always, I am always looking for ways to get the novel more recognition, which is another thing taking up quite a bit of my time.

What About The Other Novels?

Ceres, An Ordinary Life, as well as a new idea for something called Castelier, are still in the works, though the first two are currently being rewritten and rethought. Ceres may end up being a short story, or it may stay as a novella that will go on sale for something cheap on Amazon. An Ordinary Life may turn into some long, complex story — I’m thinking War and Peace length, but don’t count on anything. Castelier is an uncertain thing at this point. All I have at present is the mental image of a rifle-wielding wanderer riding a horse, though where I go with that is tentative. Drawing inspiration from The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is an attractive thought at present for this one, but with elements of Dante’s Inferno — whatever that may mean in the end.

So that’s what I have going on at the moment. For regular updates and information regarding all of my projects, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to this blog for more in-depth looks at my upcoming work.

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