Insider Tips

In this YouTube series, I give viewers a look at how I do what I do every day. From novel writing and publishing, screenplay formatting and story creation, to filmmaking on a small budget, this series gives young creatives a place to start on their own projects. 

Directing an Audio Drama

I go over how I managed to write and direct, cast for, and edit a fifteen minute audio drama with professional actors and no money (and I mean a literal zero dollars.)

Painting a 3D Printed Medallion

In this episode, I go over my process of how to paint a 3D printed pirate medallion from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is my dad’s, and he asked me to make it look real, so I used my painting and propmaking knowledge to give it a metallic, weathered gold appearance. 

How to Start Writing (And Formatting Screenplays.)

I’ll show you how I start a story in this episode, starting with the original conception of the idea, then the structure of the story itself, and finally how to format a screenplay.