Insider Tips

In this YouTube series, I give viewers a look at how I do what I do every day. From novel writing and publishing, screenplay formatting and story creation, to filmmaking on a small budget, this series gives young creatives a place to start on their own projects. 

Writing Violence Effectively

I discuss the importance of violence, how to write it in different ways, and I look at examples from contemporary novels adapted for the screen.

Painting a Prop Revolver

I paint a dollar store toy gun to look like metal. Specifically for filmmaking, though – don’t go robbing any banks.

Directing an Audio Drama

I go over how I managed to write and direct, cast for, and edit a fifteen minute audio drama with professional actors and no money (and I mean a literal zero dollars.)

Painting a 3D Printed Medallion

In this episode, I go over my process of how to paint a 3D printed pirate medallion from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is my dad’s, and he asked me to make it look real, so I used my painting and propmaking knowledge to give it a metallic, weathered gold appearance. 

How to Start Writing (And Formatting Screenplays.)

I’ll show you how I start a story in this episode, starting with the original conception of the idea, then the structure of the story itself, and finally how to format a screenplay. 

Short Video Projects

Once in a while, I make a video to practice some kind of film technique. A lot of the time, these videos turn out quite odd. You can use “Arthouse” if you like – I prefer odd. Either way, you can watch them here. They’re short, definitely interesting, and an insight into what I’m working on at any given time.


There’s quite a few bird statues around my house. I decided to utilize them in some way. The real bird at the end was filmed by me, and it took half an hour waiting in my yard for it to land where I wanted.