Am I Allowed to Write a Book or Will I Offend Paper People?

Lots of people are asking some… interesting… questions on r/reddit.

All Book Covers Look the Same

The blob is coming for you.

Should Characters Do Character Things in a Novel?

Obviously not. It might offend character people.

Writing TikTok

Writing TikTok is just as weird as any other part of TikTok… unsurprisingly.

What Makes a Strong Male Character?

Just to be fair… What makes a strong male character?

What Makes a Strong Female Character?

What makes a strong female character? From the perspective of a dude….

r/writing is Insane

Today, I dive into the dysfunctional community known as r/writing. Wow. I was not expecting this…


Typically I’m an author and musician. Sometimes, I just feel like making videos about random shit. Sometimes games, sometimes reactions, and sometimes whatever I damn-well feel like.

Scraping Billy Out From the Floorboards (With Whiteclaw)

I watch two videos from a channel called @CrimeSceneCleaning Yeah. Don’t eat while watching this… or for, like, three hours after.

Elon Plugs Me

I play a game called Elong Plug… It’s interesting.

Film and Television Commentary

What do I think of popular television and film pieces? I analyze what’s trending to see if its all really as good as Hollywood tells you, from the perspective of someone who’s written both crap and successfully published material.

The Walking Dead - A Show on Life Support (Now Unplugged)

Eleven seasons. It started brilliantly, and ended succumbing to the modern Hollywood disease…

A Final Look - House of the Dragon

As promised. Here’s my final thoughts on this rather explosive show.

A Final Look - Rings of Power

Since the Rings of Power is finally over, I decided to take a critical look at the season finale, and compare it to the pilot episode…

One of These is Superior - House of the Dragon Vs. Rings of Power

House of the Dragon and Rings of Power are quite contentious pieces of television. One, in my opinion, is far better than the other. Why? In this video, I’ll take a look at each from a writing standpoint to explain myself…

Insider Tips

In this YouTube series, I give viewers a look at how I do what I do every day. From novel writing and publishing, screenplay formatting and story creation, to filmmaking on a small budget, this series gives young creatives a place to start on their own projects. 

Publishing a Book - My New Sci-Fi Novel CERES

In this video, I discuss some of the process that went into creating my new novel CERES, including my experience with a cover artist, my figurine making, as well as a little excerpt from the book read by yours truly.

How to Make a Book - The Ultimate Guide

Ever wanted to publish a book? How do you come up with a story? Characters? Then how do you design a cover and publish it on Amazon? In this video, I will tell you how I go about doing these things myself.

Writing Violence Effectively

I discuss the importance of violence, how to write it in different ways, and I look at examples from contemporary novels adapted for the screen.

Painting a Prop Revolver

I paint a dollar store toy gun to look like metal. Specifically for filmmaking, though – don’t go robbing any banks.

Directing an Audio Drama

I go over how I managed to write and direct, cast for, and edit a fifteen minute audio drama with professional actors and no money (and I mean a literal zero dollars.)

Painting a 3D Printed Medallion

In this episode, I go over my process of how to paint a 3D printed pirate medallion from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is my dad’s, and he asked me to make it look real, so I used my painting and propmaking knowledge to give it a metallic, weathered gold appearance. 

How to Start Writing (And Formatting Screenplays.)

I’ll show you how I start a story in this episode, starting with the original conception of the idea, then the structure of the story itself, and finally how to format a screenplay. 

Short Video Projects

Once in a while, I make a video to practice some kind of film technique. A lot of the time, these videos turn out quite odd. You can use “Arthouse” if you like – I prefer odd. Either way, you can watch them here. They’re short, definitely interesting, and an insight into what I’m working on at any given time.


There’s quite a few bird statues around my house. I decided to utilize them in some way. The real bird at the end was filmed by me, and it took half an hour waiting in my yard for it to land where I wanted. 

Other YouTube Clients

I’ve done editing for other YouTubers’ channels. Take a look and subscribe to them if you enjoy their content.


This is part two of the indie game Dark Fracture. Too bad I can’t find the emergency lights…

HERBERT THE POIVERT : Deceit w/ The Boys - Part 1

Today, I’m joined by my friends… and Herbert the Pervert.

Up close with horse racing in Mongolia #horseracemongolia #horsesmongolia

Naadam the most popular holiday in Mongolia also sees small towns and villages in areas called Soums organize horse races on the open steppe. The distances depend on the age of the rider and in this video the riders age from 7 to 12 race 8 to 10 km in the Suhkbaator province in preparation for Naadam. With over 4 million horses in Mongolia and their culture revolving around horses families start their young children to learn to raise and ride the horses.