The Recognition

The Recognition Title (White)

Once Upon a Time In Spain...

A group of six actors have agreed to perform a play together. Tensions begin to grow, however, once it is announced that one of them will be receiving an illusive prize called The Recognition, which is only given to the best stage actors in the world. They begin to plot against each other in the dressing rooms, murdering and poisoning until one of them is left alive to claim their reward.

A Second Publishing

This is the second book published by Tony Del Degan, written when he was only seventeen years old. It is also his first published play script, and will act as the first in a trilogy called the Trinity of Perdition, all of which are plays dealing with murder, revenge, and sin. 

Praise for Tony Del Degan

True fans of fantasy, hop on this book for the time of your life. Tony Del Degan's "Plight of Steel" [is] the future of novels as we know them. Setting up high standards for young adult authors to come. Good things coming for you in the future, Tony Del Degan, keep at it. YYC is being put on the map by young adult authors like you.

David O'Rourke


Amazing read! I would totally recommend this book. It’s thrilling and exciting. Most of all it is important to support young authors like Tony.



Wow... this book is worth the read. To be honest I'm not a consistent fan of this genre yet the author has breathed some serious light, shadow and colour into these characters. Loads of themes that are tightly interwoven throughout the story... abuse of power, the rough road to compromise, learning to own your gifts... for me, all this led to a very engaging story and an easy read. If this is the first novel for Tony Del Degan then I so look forward to seeing where this takes him.

Nicholas Luff


I don’t usually read books, but this really peaked my interest and made me want to continue reading, and before I knew it, I was done the book.



The Author

Tony Del Degan is a young adult author, screenwriter, playwright, film director, and actor. The Plight of Steel was his first novel, and he worked on it for nearly two years before finally publishing it. He has a unique skill for writing that far surpasses what would be expected of someone his age, and his creative mind is always working, coming up with new and engaging stories.