The Recognition

A play within a play. The Recognition tells the story of six actors, all of whom are performing a play every night dubbed: The Tragedy. In the dressing rooms, however, they are plotting against each other, for a great prize will soon be awarded, and all want to be the one to receive it. It is the Recognition: success and fame. 

As the actors conspire against each other, slowly killing one another, The Tragedy is affected, and soon, there are too few actors left to perform it. That is when the players’ guises are lifted, and their true intentions are no longer hidden. 

The Tragedy

Salazar, nobleman of Castile, has just received a letter from a childhood friend: Lord Garcia. It is signed by King Ferdinand of Spain, detailing his wishes to have two scheming nobles killed for their involvement in sheltering Jews during the Spanish Inquisition. The reward is generous, and so Salazar accepts without much question. Soon after, he learns the consequences of blind trust, as his actions both ruin his position, and tear his marriage apart, ending finally in a brutal standoff Salazar can not possibly survive.

This is part one of The Trinity of Perdition, which will be comprised of three stage plays published in book format.  They are all inspired by the works of both William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe, among others, and deal with themes of death, murder, betrayal, as well as sin. 

The Physical Book