Tunes and Notes

Tunes and Notes


Cowboys? Cool. This album is a mix of super-thematic western songs and more normal folky-rock material. 


This new album is the first one I’m proud to really own. As with everything creative, it takes a while to master the art. This album, I feel, is the closest I’ve come to real professional-sounding recordings. It’s also themed, based on the cover image.

King of Nothing (Remastered Single Edition)

My favorite song I’ve written so far is King of Nothing. It was never perfect to me when I released it on my first album, so I decided to re-record and remaster it with all new techniques. 

Sky Watcher

I learned a lot from my first album, and compiled all that learning into this second one. 

It’s more of a theatrical collection with fantastical lyrics and strange sounds.


Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve wanted to write my own songs. I finally decided to try it out, and was quite happy with the results–enough to release an album.

Yes, I sing on this, and play all the instruments. It’s experimental rock and roll, with a touch of the 60’s and 70’s.


Am I a trained composer? No. Do I love music, though? Absolutely. One of my hobbies is the collection of musical instruments. I have a couple interesting things, and am always on the lookout for more. One of those things is a MIDI keyboard, which I use in unison with a DAW called Waveform to tinker around with melodies. 

Sometimes I record live instruments, like my guitars, to create pieces in an effort to bulk up a fictional world from one of my stories. The Plight of Steel, for example, got a little album of troubadour songs, which can be found on this page. 


This is a little album featuring ambient sci-fi pieces, based on the type of stuff I listen to while getting in the right frame of mind for writing books like Ceres. 

Some are ominous and somber, while others are more chipper and fast-paced. Most of these are not set to a tempo – I wanted an organic feeling to them, which I’m sure you will hear. 

Troubadour Songs

In the large and very complex world of The Plight of Steel novels, there are bound to be songs written by various bards and troubadours, most of which are featured in the books.

I used my guitar and Merlin (a lute-type instrument made by Seagull) to create these melodies, adding a bit of scale to my story, and a sense of pseudo-realism.