Tony Del Degan

Writer - Director - Actor

Welcome to my site. My name is Tony Del Degan and I’m gonna tell you a bit about who I am. First off, I’m a self-published author, film director, and occasional actor, with more than ten years experience stumbling my way through the creative world. 

I’ve written too many screenplays to count by this point, as well as a few half-finished novels and other written works. In general, my focus is my filmmaking, as my goal is to become a film director. 

Genres I work in are neo-noir – my specialty and greatest influence – as well as historical fiction and high-fantasy. I’m half Spanish and half Italian, so a lot of my work revolves around the cultures of both these demographics. A goal of mine is to work in the Spanish-speaking film scene, telling stories that a wide variety of audiences would enjoy, while also giving people an idea of what the culture and its people are capable of.


I’ve never been a conformist in any sense, and I’ve never been big on following trends. They’re designed to manipulate the uninspired in my opinion, which may sound cynical – but it’s true. Most of my time is spent trying to do things that other people my age are not doing, specifically because they aren’t doing them. Limits based on societal norms limit one’s creativity and expression, and so my moral values prevent me from blending in with the crowd. That has a lot to do with what comes out in my work. 

My ambition is both a blessing and curse. Whenever I want to make a film, I find it hard to start small. My first ever written project was a seven-hundred page novel – that should tell you all you need to know. I wrote and produced an audio drama called It Was Raining in Minneapolis, which you can find on this site, and instead of finding friends to act, I gathered some professionals from both Calgary and Edmonton and got it done that way. The end result is a piece I’m incredibly proud of, that showcases local talent from my province of Alberta, Canada. 

Above all, I’m a perfectionist, and nothing gets done unless it’s the best it can possibly be given my limitations. So check out my work and follow my social media profiles, subscribe to my blog and newsletter, and keep an eye out for me. If you’re an actor, I commonly post casting calls on Facebook and other places, and if you’re someone I should know, I’d love to know you. All my information and links can be found on the Contact page.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy…

– Tony