Tony Del Degan

Author - Screenwriter - Designer

Welcome to my site. I’m Tony Del Degan, and I write stuff. By stuff, I mean novels, screenplays, music and poetry, and other forms of literature, utilizing many different techniques and over six years of writing experience. 

Most know me because of my novel the Plight of Steel, which kickstarted my writing career, and continues to this day as The Evermore Compendium–my passion project. Besides this, I’ve self-published a stage play called The Recognition, and my newest novel, Ceres, which is my first official foray into science-fiction (and certainly not my last).

I’m a perfectionist, and believe in quality and worth-while art. You’ll usually find me carving my own path instead of following those well-traveled.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and I’m half Spanish, half Italian. You can often see elements of both these cultures working their way into my writing.

So have a look through my site; I’m sure there’s something you’ll find interesting. Subscribe to my newsletter for direct updates on major developments, and follow my social media for pictures of my cats.