Tony Del Degan

Writer • Director • Actor

Tony Del Degan is a self-published author, screenwriter, director, and actor. His first novel, The Plight of Steel, is a publicly acclaimed story, and his upcoming films will be a showcase of both his writing and directed skill. Tony is a unique talent who thinks outside the box and expands on what one would normally expect from a seventeen-year-old. His ambition shines through in his work, and so does his dedication to the art of storytelling.


“Tony is an absolute champion with endless talent! NEVER fails to impress no matter what he does!! If he has a dream, you best believe he’s gonna put his heart and mind into it…”


“Wow… this book is worth the read. To be honest I’m not a consistent fan of this genre yet the author has breathed some serious light, shadow and colour into these characters. Loads of themes that are tightly interwoven throughout the story… abuse of power, the rough road to compromise, learning to own your gifts… for me, all this led to a very engaging story and an easy read. If this is the first novel for Tony Del Degan then I so look forward to seeing where this takes him.”


“True fans of fantasy, hop on this book for the time of your life. Tony Del Degan’s “Plight of Steel”… [is] the future of novels as we know them. Setting up high standards for young adult authors to come. Good things coming for you in the future, Tony Del Degan, keep at it. YYC is being put on the map by young adult authors like you.”


“Epic fantasy novel! Have read it and did my class project on it. Loved it from beginning to end!”


“Amazing read! I would totally recommend this book. It’s thrilling and exciting. Most of all it is important to support young authors like Tony.”


“Superb fantasy book.”



A teenage girl, forbidden from listening to rock and roll by her chauvinistic father, breaks into his off-limits music room.

Killing Moose

A murder-for-hire circle enlists two of its members to track down two targets: a maniac weapons dealer, and a strongman.

Exactly Where I Saw Them

Exactly Where I Saw Them

Two intertwining tales of crime in Los Angeles, both told through the eyes of the city's youth, some of whom are more prosperous - and law abiding - than others.

The Plight of Steel

There are two types of people in the world: those who are born with one of three magical gifts, and those who are afraid of them. The Plight of Steel is a story with multiple plotlines, each centered around a different kingdom, yet all interconnected in a web of conspiracy, murder, and war.

The Recognition

This is a stage play about six actors, all of whom are in pursuit of an elusive award dubbed The Recognition. To get it, they will go so far as to poison, murder, and frame each other, all while the play that they are trying to perform falls apart slowly.

An Ordinary Life

Johnny Goldwyn, a media executive from America, has decided to expand his empire into the U.K., hoping to seal three deals with three different celebrities: King Elle, a rockstar; Quincy Christian, a model and actress; and Inky Robin, an actor just emerging onto the scene.


Ceres is a science-fiction anthology. Each story is a metaphor, odd and surrealist in tone, but profound. It is a commentary on human society and behavior hidden beneath a sea of purple sand and a dark ocean of stars.



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