Bringing Words into the World – In River Cardinal

I’ve reached the halfway point on the first draft of In River Cardinal.

I have a cover, and a plan. The cover is incredible, and I’m super pleased with it. It captures the mood of the story, and the illustrations of the characters are spot-on to how they appear in my head.

So what’s next?

Well, a great deal of marketing. I have a plan to really market the hell out of this book. I’ll be holding as many events as I possibly can–seeing as though in my city of Calgary, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of venues for signings and the like. Bookstores like traditional publishers. As someone with a self-published book, they tend to ignore my emails.

So I’ll have to be creative. Stay tuned, and visit my Events page to see what I eventually come up with.

Pins and Figures

I’ve had a fun idea to create some “merch” (if you will) to sell at my signings and events. On the right, you’ll see a mockup of an enamel pin.

In the novel, the employees of Cardinal Medicine wear a pin on their lapels. This is that pin. I’ve reached out to a company in the UK that does custom enamel pin production, and I’ll be getting 25 pins made based on this design.

Along with this, I’m reaching out to some 3D modelers with the idea of creating Dewey and Roxanne, the two main characters, for 3D printing. I’m thinking of casting the models in resin to make some molds. We’ll see how that goes. They’ll be highly detailed and super-finished. I’ll be selling those at events as well–provided they actually work.

Playing with Toys

If you follow my Instagram, you probably saw my little diorama of CERES done in spare LEGO I had from when I was young. Well, I made one for In River Cardinal, too.

Just a fun little thing I thought I’d share. I’m actually quite pleased with how the figures turned out especially. It’ll be a neat thing to display on my shelf.

The novel is coming along nicely. I’ve said before that it’s my darkest, most technically interesting and well-thought-out book so far, but I’ll reiterate that here. It deals with tons of interesting topics and realities of humanity and the dark recesses of our minds we’d like to keep hidden away.

So, as per usual, very cheery material from me.

I’m super excited for people to read it, and be generally confused and disturbed. In a good way.

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