Ceres Cover Front

Ceres is an anthology of many abstract science-fiction stories, each of them with a hidden meaning. Together, they detail the intricacies of the human condition and mankind’s existence. 

"As if triggered by these words, the smoldering corpse of the bird began to shift and snap, then the animal rose onto its feet, fluttering its wings in vexation. It turned, searching for the object of its discontent, then found Neith, still balanced against the root of the tree, his pale-gloved hand holstering his weapon. With a chirp, it leapt up onto another root, fixing him with a glare."

A wandering noble from an alien planet searches for something that he is hesitant to reveal. In some deep part of the universe, a small boy converses with a great, black cube with a golden mask. On a pyramidal space station, the inhabitants gather on the space viewing balcony for a momentous event — the appearance of The Floating Man. In a distant forest, a survey droid shaped like a heart encounters many monolithic figures of women draped in black cloth, rings of glowing crimson encircling their heads. Among these stories, there are many others, each with their own significance.