In River Cardinal

A Journey Through the Hidden Mind

Dewey Becker was contracted by Cardinal Medicine to invent things. He called his first creations Dewboxes, and Cardinal brought him on full time as a technician to maintain them. After a troubled past as a Sergeant Major in Vietnam, he thought the job would carry him softly into retirement…


R-Aspecticyn, an experimental drug, unlocks a dormant part of the human brain suppressed by evolution. It allows one to see what the world actually looks like. Cardinal Medicine started pumping it into their special Operators to send them on exploratory missions in the fourth dimensional Red Runnel. One of these Operators wouldn’t report back. Now Cardinal wants him dead, and there’s one man perfect for the job–whether he knows it, or not…

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Dewey Becker
Roxanne Robbins
Sonny Warren
Doctor Osian Molina
Audrey May
Pool Girl

The Mind is a Violent Place

What would you find in the mind of a murderer? A PTSD victim? A neglected child? Cardinal Medicine’s drug R-Aspecticyn can help you find out. 

Cardinal Medicine was founded by two highschool friends turned academics: Otis Lang, and Doctor Osian Molina, M.D., D.V.M., Psy.D.

They sought to change the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, and experiment with new drugs and medicines never before conceived.

Their studies bore fruit when they stumbled across a microscopically thin cranial nerve too small to detect with conventional technology.

It could be stimulated, they found. Somewhere along the line of human evolution, it had gone dormant; for what reason, the two academics could only hazard guesses. When prodded medicinally, the strand would activate, and the human brain would perform a function previous thought impossible: peer into another place. A fourth-dimensional space of a sort. They needed to see what waited there, hidden from common knowledge since a time of antiquity… 

“…unsettling, surreal and delightfully brutal…”

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