In River Cardinal

Title White

After being stabbed trying to stop a car theft, ex-army sniper Christian Marrero wakes up in the hospital, where the real, withered, and corrupt world is forcibly revealed to him.

This is an adventure, horror, surrealist piece that acts as a commentary on the state of the world today – without actually telling you about it. On his way to work, Christian Marrero is caught up in a carjacking, and ends up bleeding on the sidewalk. He wakes up, alive, in a hospital, where the doctor has put something into his IV drip.

It reveals the real world to him – a decrepit, festering mess full of godforsaken creatures and amalgamations that he has to fight he way through. His goal: to stop the man who controls it all before he corrupts everyone, and everything. 

In an ideal world, this film will be worked on after the completion of An Old Shack, though this project will certainly require a much higher budget and a bigger crew. It also takes place in numerous locations, and features fight scenes that may require stunt work and coordination. 

Look Book

These are images collected on Pinterest from various sources to act as a look book for the film. Browse through to see the initial vision I have for this film, illustrated in artwork, screen-grabs and projects gathered from around the internet.