Short Stories

Short Stories

Do Not Stand By My Grave, I Am Not There

This story is my first foray into my new worldbuilding concept, inspired by the work of Stephen King. After reading into his stuff, I learned that nearly all of his short stories and novels are somehow interconnected. Pennywise appears as a truck in Maximum Overdrive, for example. 

I’ve always thought it would be beyond cool to do something like this with my own writing, and so I kicked that off with this story. 

It tells about Andy Kemper, an ICU nurse who struggles with his job of “pulling the plug” on patients who are beyond the pale. Work so traumatic is sure to do some mental damage to a man…


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The Bus From the Inner City

My second story to be published by Short Edition. This one was inspired by a dream I had where I saw people from my past getting off a bus after experiencing genetic modification.

I heavily edited the dream, of course, as a dream is nonsensical drivel–especially mine, which are more like crack visions. It deals with self-image and hatred of the self, which I see in the vast majority of people I know and meet. It’s an issue in our society, especially with the youths–the youngsters, if you will.


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My Front Door, A Finchhole

This was the first story I wrote to ever get properly published somewhere. Short Edition put it into their short story dispensers for people to read in libraries that have them. 

Again, inspired by a dream, this little short was a glimpse into my turbulent mind at the time, during a point of transition from adolescence to adulthood.

There are tons of little metaphors and strange visions conjured by my sleeping–yet still very active–brain.


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Published Stories

Some of my stories have been published by magazines, blogs, and various other outlets. Below is a list of all the places that somehow agreed to print my insane mental ramblings for the innocent public to stumble upon.