Past and Upcoming Events

In River Cardinal Launch Party at cSpace Marda Loop

2023: It was a great event, held at cSpace Marda Loop. Lots of sales and lots of fun meeting people.  Yay.

CERES Signing at owl's nest bookstore

2022: On August 13th, I set up at Owl’s Nest Books, where three years before I’d done a reading. This time, I was signing copies of Ceres

It was a wonderful time, and copies were sold. The employees were incredibly helpful and kind, and set the table up for me beforehand. This is a great little store in Calgary, and you should stop by if you live here. 

Owl's Nest Books

Stop by if you live in Calgary. Local bookstores benefit greatly from customers in a time where books are coming mostly from Amazon.

Plight of Steel Signing at owl's nest bookstore

2019: Back during the ensuing months following The Plight of Steel’s release, I organized a reading at a local Calgary bookstore called The Owl’s Nest. 

Mostly friends and relatives showed up, of course – more of both than I was initially expecting; my English teacher, whom I adore, showed up with her family, and advertised the event in class (much to my embarrassment). 

Plight of Steel Signing at Comic Kazi

2019: Back in 2019, the editor of The Plight of Steel told me about a comic store whose owner he was acquainted with. He put in a request, and I was allowed to do a signing for The Plight of Steel.

The turnout was nothing I wasn’t expecting–it was a comic store, after all, tucked into a little strip mall in a seedy part of my city (they’ve since moved to a bigger location). But I sold some books and met some people who turned up especially for the event, which kind of blew my mind.


Stop by if you live in Calgary and check out their new location.