New Projects Underway

With the final read of the Plight of Steel finished, I thought I might start some new projects while I wait to format. A new novel is already started and a script for a stage play is already half done.

The Novel – Ceres

Early concept for the Ceres book cover.

My first and biggest side project is a novel entitled Ceres. It is set in a science fiction universe created entirely on metaphor and symbolism, and centers around three characters who are all searching for something, whether it be love, truth, etc.

It is interesting to try and write a book on entirely metaphor, and the end product is certainly turning out to be quite outlandish and almost surreal. Everything that takes place carries some form of symbolism; each character is a metaphor for something, and so are their goals and the environments they travel through.

The novel will likely be small, around two-hundred pages, and should be finished shortly after the release of the Plight of Steel, though that could certainly change.

The Play – The Recognition

Poster concept for The Recognition

My next side project is a script for a play. I have been reading Shakespeare lately, and after some thought, an idea popped into my head that I thought would make a wonderful play. I have never written a play before, and I realized before starting that it was quite different than writing a screenplay for a film. The formatting is all different and the stage directions are as well.

Eventually I figured it out, however, and began writing this. As of now, the first of two acts in done, so soon, I will publish it as a play in book format.

It centers around six actors who are all vying for something called The Recognition, all while trying to perform a play entitled The Tragedy. As they conspire against and poison each other, the play is affected as well as the actors themselves.

If you follow me on my Instagram, you likely would have seen posts about these two things already. To stay up-to-date on the progress of these two things as well as the Plight of Steel series, keep checking back on this blog and follow me on my social media.

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