The Point of Chaos

A Game Changing Sequel

As the fall gives way to winter, the Known World remains fraught with whisperings of oncoming war. Events set into motion can no longer be undone, and in the heavens, the Gods watch in primordial silence. A boy-prince, soon to be king, wrestles with a discovery that will rock the annals of history. A banished queen rallies support to win back her stolen throne. A scheming noble infiltrates an already unsteady kingdom with plots to topple it entirely, and a Southern royal family contends with their patriarch’s lust for revenge against a personal foe. Fools and kings alike stray uncontrolled from their proper paths, all bound in unison for the point of chaos. 

Time Until Completion 30%

Read A First Draft Excerpt

Here is an advanced preview into The Point of Chaos – a first draft excerpt of chapter 9 in its entirety. Download a pdf version on the right.