The Plight of Steel

The Plight of Steel

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The First in the Trilogy

The Known World has been charted and mapped by ancient kings since the birth
of humanity, seperated into kingdoms and countries that are ruled by monarchs
and warlords who seized the crowns during the Great Victory of the First Age.
Upon each throne sits a different ruler, and in each kingdom, many plot to take
these seats for themselves. In the north, a scheme to murder a queen on her
coronation day is conceived, while a boy king to the west lives as a slave to a
powerful warlord. The southern monarchs hear of a threat from the lips of sailors
about an old legend come true, while the eastern king secludes himself from the
rest of the world, hiding from a darkness that drives him mad. Through murder and
conspiracy, happiness and sorrow, there is one true plight that all must face: the
plight of steel.

It is a high fantasy based in a world of feuding kingdoms, where certain individuals are given one of a certain three magical gifts. The book focuses on the royal families of each kingdom, some of whom rose to power with these gifts. It tells about the internal conflicts between members of each family, as well as the conflicts between the different families, and about the fight for survival against the kings and rulers who have used their gifts to become almost like gods.

Set during the Third Age of the earth, the Plight of Steel follows the stories of multiple kingdoms, each with their own characters and plot lines. The plots interweave throughout the novel as different characters interact with others, war plans and schemes are made between kingdoms, and connections are revealed between families and houses.


The kingdom of dragons. Cassara Vendyros, the daughter of Virion, plans to take her father’s place on the throne, but someone tries to stop that from happening. Later on, plans are revealed and family mysteries are finally understood, leaving House Vendyros in turmoil and disorder, all while the council makes plots and schemes in secret.


After hearing about an old story given credence, Archeon Starmane, king of Windspeak, discovers that his son is the Saviour of the Known World. Strange events start to take place, and Adrian Starmane, the prince, soon falls ill. After having strange dreams and severing his dominant arm, he must now train to stop the darkness that is spreading in the east.


Alistair Wildlight has closed his harbors and forsaken his people, for word has reached him of the darkness that spreads in his kingdom. After receiving strange guests that he soon brings into his council, he slowly loses his mind, and his son and wife will be brought in against their will, forced to take part in his delusions.


It is the City of Cities, the largest construction touched by the hands of men. An entire kingdom filled with houses and markets, squares and courtyards, and it is now ruled by a young boy, one of the last of his name. Castian Valinor witnessed the murder of his parents, and he took his revenge by killing the man that took their heads. What he soon realizes, however, is that those who sit upon a throne attract attention from all, even those who have terrible intentions.

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