These are the kingdoms, ruled by the families, and built upon for ages of the earth. When new kingdoms appear in the story, their details will appear here also. 

It was named a kingdom when Luthor Vendyros took it after the Great Victory. He began construction of Seaview Citadel once he did, though the castle was not completed until Virion finished it after his coronation. 

The kingdom is named after the River Vurasil, the great river that runs through the continent, out into the sea. For many an age, the Vendyros family has worshiped Lord Vurasil above the other gods, for he is the god of power and war. 

Most of the kingdom is comprised of forest and rolling grasslands, dotted in places with mountains and deep caverns and crevasses, most unexplored. Luthor Vendyros began construction of Seaview Citadel upon a great overlook above the southern coast, for he believed that no ship could approach without his sentinels seeing it. 

Windspeak is the home of House Starmane, taken by Amandyl during the First Age. It is wind-ravaged, hence its name, and cold more often than not. Its inhabitants commonly wear fur and great cloaks, for the chill is sometimes so brutal that it can feel almost like winter. 

Most of the continent is flat, with some hills and mountains rising from the sea of mist and fog that blankets all like water. The kingdom is almost impossible to navigate, and the roads must be utilized, for the air is always laden with pale mist. Many have gone missing trying to wander away from the paths, and corpses are often found scattered, hidden in holes and caves, eaten by some animal and left to rot. 

Pridulus Wildlight did not create this kingdom, for it existed before he arrived. He only took it from the lords and dukes that inhabited it, uniting the continent into one kingdom instead of multiple. The lords who did not bend the knee were hanged, and their bodies buried underneath their previous domains. 

It is one of the largest continents in Deyeron, and one of the most diverse. Where in the North, there is forest and grasslands, in the South there is a great plain of darkness known as the Bygone Wastes. None but the most foolish dare travel there, for it is said that on those plains, the dead live again.

During the summers, the continent grows as warm as a desert, for the Gateway, a large gaping pit in the earth, releases ash and heat into the air. However, in the winter, the air grows cold, and a great chill takes all in its grasp. Those who live in this kingdom are battered by the weather, and must adapt, wearing dark furs in the winter, and light tunics in the summer. 

It is an island, previously untouched by humanity, apart from the natives who were born there. It is a desert, beaten by storms of red sand that roll across the nothingness in great, lumbering clouds. Rain does not fall, and neither does snow, for the air is too thick and too warm. Though the sea surrounds it, great cliffs keep the desert raised above the moisture of the water and the beaches. 

After the Great Victory, the Wysteria family sailed upon their warship, the Seer’s Requiem, to take the island for themselves. They built Karthymere Fortress, and soon after, their slave empire, capturing the natives and using them to hunt down travelers that pass through the Dragon Islands. They dubbed the natives the Yzerren, or the Red Ones, for their eyes were the color of blood, shiny like ruby. 

When children are young, they are told never to travel through the Dragon Islands, lest they find themselves riding in the cage cart of an Yzerren slave train. 

When Alvador Zorander began his reign over Heraveil, he needed a castle that was impenetrable, one that no army of men could hope to take. Upon a great cliff centered in a grassland that stretched for miles, he build Castle Whitehaven: the keep in the sky. No army could storm it, for the cliff was too narrow to climb, and surrounding it was a great city built upon for decades by nobles and peasants. 

When King Alvador passed, the families from the north struggled to take Velerin for themselves, for it had become a trade capital, used by merchants and sailors from across the Known World, and any who sat the Pale Throne would control that income. Cyran Sharpe eventually convinced the surrounding lands of Shemerith and Saevia to ally with him, so that Whitehaven could be taken from the others who tried to claim it. When it was, he turned them against each other, so that their armies slaughtered themselves while the Sharpe family secured the throne.  

After, Heraveil was divided, becoming what is known now as the Farlands, separated into numerous kingdoms and domains ruled by separate monarchs. Velerin became a kingdom itself, one made up entirely of hovels, shops and buildings. 

There is no king here, only a duke. After the Sharpe family took Velerin, the duke of Seavale Keep drew borders around his lands, naming it a kingdom. He demanded tax from the throne of the Farlands for the institution of his new realm, so Cyran Sharpe sent armed knights instead to instill subordination into the council and the rulers. Now, they remain aloof, dealing only rarely with other kingdoms, and preferring to study their literature and philosophies. 

The kingdom is flat, mostly comprised of rolling grasslands and spotted with many lakes and rivers. Peasants and nobles build towns and villages to live in, for Seavale Keep is a solitary structure upon a hill, with no castle city for the nobility or the wealthy. The duke keeps order among his subjects, and is repulsed by violence and war to the point where he is submissive to any that threaten him. 

People from this kingdom are born with strikingly blue eyes and pale skin. They are compared to angels, for they seem to float about instead of walk, their long, flowing robes and cloaks trailing behind like wings. All of them despise conflict, a fact that many have mocked by calling them “rabbits,” for they run and hide at the slightest hint of battle. 

Where the Saevians are meek, the people of Shemerith are like hard stone. Most are large, taller and broader than normal men, with great strength and endurance that comes to them naturally. Their king claimed his land after the Duke of Saevia claimed his, and build his fortress in under a year. 

The Green Legion controls the realm: a conglomerate of knights from across the Known World, all of whom fought for the Great Victory. They are old, yet they seem to live forever, locked within their withered bodies, their strength now gone, yet their knowledge vast. 

The kingdom is mountainous, unlike most of the Farlands, and great mountain ranges rise up from the earth, forming a wall around the southern border. Forests are vast and numerous, though most are unexplored, whatever lies inside still lost to human knowledge. 

It is the island of shipwrights, and the land of honor. Long ago, Catarina Villalon, the first of her house, began to construct ships with hulls stronger than steel and faster than arrows in flight. She sold them, earning riches beyond anything the other noble families could muster, and took an island in the Eastern Seas. She build Casteloro, a keep atop a great hill, and Obrador, a large city on the opposite side of the island. 

Later, when Valentino Villalon took the throne, his nephew, Cantarell, rebelled, seizing it for himself. He instated the order of the Gourdredora, or guardian in the common tongue: a group of warriors that would protect the noble man or woman they were assigned to. He also conceived the Copper Quietus for those who wronged him. If one finds a Cobralor (the flower of Villamaje) made of copper, they have been targeted, and will soon be found and killed.

The island is mostly tropical, with tall trees and beaches on almost every shoreline. With the heat of the sun, the people must wear light silk, and often carry wide fans illustrated with animals or flowers. Though there is a council, the king’s word is law, and must be followed, lest you find a copper flower in your bed.