The Houses

Here, you can read about the different families, their histories, and their details. New houses will be added here as they appear in the story.

The Dragons

An ancient house from the North, born from fire and ash. After the Great Victory, they sailed South, inhabiting the continent of Riverfall and starting construction on Seaview Citadel, the most impregnable fortress built by the hands of men. 

They are known for their tendency to recieve a divine gift from one of the Three, usually from the Reverie, and they have used their gifts to become the most powerful house in the Known World.

Virion Vendyros is their patriarch, and they do not yield to any, not even the gods themselves. They would sooner burn them. 

The Lions

A smaller house, yet not one less fearsome. During the Great Victory, their patriarch, Amandyl Starmane, was executed by his own priests, for he had claimed that their teachings were false. 

They are strong-willed, valuing honor and family above other things. This sometimes leads to trouble, but they fight back if they are challenged, just like the beast on their flag. Now, their king is Archeon Starmane, father of Prince Adrian, a boy destined to save the Known World from destruction.

Their allies are many, and their enemies are few, and some say the gods ride with their knights into battle on horses of starlight and snow. 

The Rams

They are dark, filled with contempt, and quick to anger. From the East they came, from somewhere in the Unknown, to take Blackrock keep from a lowly lord. Like the animal on their banners, they are strong-headed, stubborn, and ready to fight should they be threatened.

Their family bears a history of insanity and betrayal, both from within and from others. Many seek to use them and their incredible hordes of gold to reach a goal, then to leave them behind. Because of this, they have become suspicious and fearful, taking no allies and making no friends.

Alistair Wildlight is their patriarch, a man touched by madness, turned fearful and paranoid by those he trusts. 

The Wolves

None were born farther north, not even the first of men. House Sharpe traveled down from the snow-ravaged cliffs of God’s Reach after the Great Victory, hearing news of Shyrrik Vaenoria’s fall. Crimson Sharpe, the first with their blood, was called the Winter Lord, and had a song written about his journey south. Any born with winter’s blood in their veins who hear it are said to be given great strength and power. 

They are loyal to each other, and suspicious of others. Few houses dared make them their friends, for they are surrounded by myth and legend, and it is said they worship a northern demon instead of the gods. 

Cyran Sharpe was their patriarch, and now there are only two wolves left: a prince, and a queen, one lost, and one impure. 

The Kingfishers

They are the first men, it is said. When the One formed his first human, he named it Valinor, and from this man came the others: the dragons and the wolves and the lions. 

Each has been gifted with a strange ability, not from the Three, but from something else. No other human can possess these powers, nor understand them. 

They value each other, and they value honor, something echoed in their watchword: Lyei en Esthayea. (Honor and Esteem.)

The last of their house is a girl, recently crowned. Aside from her, their bloodline is lost to ancient legend, carried away by the winds of passing time.