The creatures of the Known World, from great beasts to small things. More is added all the time, so return, and find here more to see.

A dragon is a great, winged beast that breathes flames from its lips. Each has differently colored scales, and each has skin that glows the same shade. The glow emanates from beneath the scales, and when the beast breathes its fire, the light intensifies, until it is almost blinding. 

The elves have a strong connection with dragons, as their Lord of Ashes must bind himself to one, lest he dies along with the monster. Once bonded, the Lord of Ashes may call upon his dragon whenever he pleases, and the beast will do whatever he asks of it. 

Dragons do not live in the Western world, rather choosing to remain on the island of Quyrreth: a small landmass made of obsidian and black rock. Humans rarely venture there, not only because it is so far east, but because they are like to never return.

The Vendyros family uses the dragon as their sigil, as they too, can control flames and even breathe them from their mouths. 

Though smaller than a dragon, the wyvern retains a similar appearance, with a great, serpentine head and wings, though the wings, instead of protruding from the back, protrude from the arms. They are smaller, also, and not as powerful, as their minuscule bodies can not muster the same strength as their larger brothers. 

Where the dragon is more placid, the wyvern is angry, attacking more easily and searching for battle. They are likened to small dogs by humans who have see them, for they will pester and irritate until their victim is willing to confront them. 

The Wysteria family has taken the wyvern as their sigil, perhaps because the dragon was taken by House Vendyros. 

The Drythkiri are likened to lizards, and perhaps are, for their bodies are covered in scales that shimmer purple in the light, and they hatch from great eggs. Multiple eyes peer out from their heads, and they rip at their prey with their long claws and tiny, sharp teeth. 

Few have ever seen a Drythkiri, for they are believed to be servants of the Specter King. Those who have are likely dead, for the last one of the beasts was killed during the First Age of the earth. It is considered a sign of the Great Destruction when the scale of a Drythkiri is found upon the shores of Riverfall by Nictus Sharpe, for many believe that if a Drythkiri is living, then the Black King is also. 

They too, are likened to lizards, yet they are humanoid in appearance, with orange scales covering their bodies. Over time, they have developed a language, and clothing, and weapons, making them more dangerous than they were many years ago. 

Commonly, they raid baggage trains and rob travelers on the roads. What gold they collect is used to beautify their armor and weapons, for they can not use it to purchase anything. Some rulers choose to try and remove them, but they always seem to return, as if they are a parasite of some kind.

There are two types of elves: Faynin and Eflan. One lives in the rock, burrowing tunnels to live in. These are the Faynin. Unlike their counterparts, they have developed incredible intelligence, crafting weapons and clothing from silver bark. Shyrrik Vaenoria, enemy of humanity, was a Faynin Elf, and he led his fellows into battle against Alvador Zorander during the First Age of the earth. 

They value the earth, as they are part of it, more so than humans, and will do all in their power to protect it. Now, they live in their secret crevasse in the halls of Fayn, hiding from the humans who defeated them.

The Eflan are quite different, choosing to live in trees and forest villages. They are more alike to goblins or imps, and have crouched bodies with long, slender limbs. Though they can speak the common tongue, they prefer to communicate in chitters and sounds. 

They value gold, and leap down from their forest villages to attack travelers on the road, looting their corpses after mangling them with many long claws.