Abstract, but Literary Sci-fi

Two interwoven tales that shine a light on the oddity and cosmic mystery of the universe. Neith, a Sicarii Knight, is part of an alien race that specializes in hunting prey at the behest of his overlord – The Hierarch. Ceres is a speculative sci-fi novel that offers a glimpse into a possible future of mankind, and the repercussions of its past decisions. 

Ceres Cover


Neith, a Sicarii Knight, is one of a specially evolved race bound to the will of The Hierarch - an omnipotent wise man who dictates the workings of the universe. His newest assignment is to assassinate a Scavenger, who The Hierarch has determined will bring about the destruction of the planet Taylor. This Scavenger, a downtrodden orphan boy stuck in the service of a cruel trade magnate, has no knowledge of his providence, but will, if unfettered, spiral into a state from which he can never recover, sealing the fate of millions.

A Developed Lore

The human race is no longer known as such. After most of the atmosphere of Earth eroded, the survivors of this apocalyptic reckoning commandeered the Galator company’s “startrucks” and “starliners” to venture out into the universe – a last hope for survival. A new planet in a new system not far away was discovered, and dubbed “Taylor”. The humans, after many years, began to evolve to suit the climate of this planet, and became known to their alien neighbors as Syn-Ket – an term in the Astral Tongue meaning Free-folk. 

With their past quickly forgotten, these Syn-Ket rapidly spread across the surface of Taylor, erecting cities and palaces. A pseudo-medieval societal structure was developed – dictated the best form to adopt during society’s rebuilding. 

It was not long after their arrival that the Syn-Ket were introduced to the life-forms inhabiting their new system: there were Terratomes – housefly-looking creatures swathed in robes to conceal their bodies; and Sicarii – humanoid creatures grown in incubators below the surface of an ancient stone planet. The latter did not hesitate to communicate their place in the workings of things; they were living machines, made to kill, without emotion, a need for sleep and food, or any other biological inhibitors. Their overlord was The Hierarch, a living corpse older than time, with an intelligence far greater than that of any other .

In the ensuing years, the Syn-Ket branched out into the galaxy, exploring new planets and colonizing some. BIOS was incorporated – a company specializing in genetic modification and everything to do with bio-mechanics. Those possessed of a self-conscious disposition became BIOS’ regular patrons, modifying their bodies to the extent of their imaginations… becoming something other than Syn-Ket. The Master of Kaylis, magnate of the Scavenging Guild and main provider of material “dilution” to the galaxy’s populace, would often take a soak in the genetic baths, increasing the size of his brain to handle the task of running his guild on his own. All the while, the Hierarch would send his Sicarii Knights into the universe now and again with an assignment to carry out – an execution, or something more benign – burning their image into the eyes who glimpsed them, and sealing their reputation as killers and freaks. 


Time Until Completion 40%
Ceres will be a couple hundred pages long - a great introduction to my writing for those not interesting in the lengthier Plight of Steel series.


I love the fact that I can design characters from my novels and 3D print them into reality. For Ceres, I wanted to do this with all my favorites. As I print and paint them, they will appear below.