The Plight of Steel Series

The Known World has been charted and mapped by ancient kings since the birth
of humanity, seperated into kingdoms and countries that are ruled by monarchs
and warlords who seized the crowns during the Great Victory of the First Age.
Upon each throne sits a different ruler, and in each kingdom, many plot to take
these seats for themselves. In the north, a scheme to murder a queen on her
coronation day is conceived, while a boy king to the west lives as a slave to a
powerful warlord. The southern monarchs hear of a threat from the lips of sailors
about an old legend come true, while the eastern king secludes himself from the
rest of the world, hiding from a darkness that drives him mad. Through murder and
conspiracy, happiness and sorrow, there is one true plight that all must face: the
plight of steel.

The Series

The Plight of Steel novel series is a trilogy of High Fantasy books written by Tony Del Degan. They take place in the Known World, a massive, highly-detailed fantasy world separated into kingdoms and countries, each with their own religious beliefs, clothing, food, animals, architecture, etc.

Each storyline has a beginning and an ending, and they all interweave throughout the novel in a great web of plotting, murder, battle, and death.
As the story progresses, you will read about four different kingdoms and their rulers, all of whom are locked in brutal conflict both within their own families and houses, and with the surrounding realms. Plots are conceived by scheming nobles, and siblings fight with one another, planning fratricide and murder, while kings hear whispers in their ears from shadows that seek control.

You may celebrate some characters and curse others, and by the end, you will want to read the whole story over again, for the detail of the world and the story is so vast, you may notice things the second, or even the third time, that slipped past you when you read it all the first.

Details are hidden throughout, some you may notice, and others you may disregard or miss. Reading the story again can be like a whole new experience, for you will notice things that seemed insignificant the first time.
As the novels progress, events that seemed trivial will be revealed to be earth-shattering in their significance, sometimes changing the story completely. This is a novel for readers who seek depth and poise to rival many other forms of fantasy that fall short in creativity and worldliness. If you are a fan of Tolkien, Martin, and Robert Jordan, this novel was written for you.

Tony Del Degan set out to create a world of fantasy with a rich history, religion, and realism that is hard to achieve. It is brutal, violent, but elegant and beautiful, and the characters and story echo this. Each player in the story carries their own emotion, connections with others, and grudges. No one is truly good, nor evil, and all are capable of ungodly acts, though some show it more than others.

So delve into the world of the Plight of Steel, and experience the story that will surely end up on your shelf beside the greatest fantasy tales ever written.

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