The Plight of Steel Series

The Plight of Steel is a high fantasy based in a world of feuding kingdoms, where certain individuals are given one of a certain three magical gifts. The books focus on the royal families of each kingdom, some of whom rose to power with these gifts. They tell about the internal conflicts between members of each family, as well as the conflicts between the different families, and about the fight for survival against the kings and rulers who have used their gifts to become almost like gods.

The Series

The Plight of Steel novel series is a trilogy of High Fantasy books written by Tony Del Degan. They take place in the Known World, a massive, highly-detailed fantasy world separated into kingdoms and countries, each with their own religious beliefs, clothing, food, animals, architecture, etc.

Each storyline has a beginning and an ending, and they all interweave throughout the novel in a great web of plotting, murder, battle, and death. As the story progresses, you will read about the different kingdoms and their rulers, all of whom are locked in brutal conflict both within their own families and houses, and with the surrounding realms. Plots are conceived by scheming nobles, and siblings fight with one another, planning fratricide and murder, while kings hear whispers in their ears from shadows that seek control.

The Specter King
The Specter King

Book 1

Book 2 (Coming Soon)

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