Solus Kingdom

A Dystopia with a Twist

The governments of the world are torn down by a insurrectionist coup, forcing society into warring factions, all while a man and his band of survivors flee from a harbinger of God’s wrath.


Inspired by the works of Steven King, as well as by the Western and Apocalypse genres, Solus Kingdom is an intelligent, insightful, and complex novel, where nothing is as it seems, and each character has something to hide. Its main protagonist is one of the most evil out of the ensemble, which provides a interesting look into the human condition, making you wonder whether or not you should root for him, or hope for his death. 

Set to be released at an unknown time, this novel will be an epic with a page count large enough to rival that of The Plight of Steel. 

Not Convinced? Here's a Preview

It’s all well and good to read about the book, but why not hear an excerpt from it, read by the author himself? Enjoy my deep, gravelly voice as I read an excerpt from chapter five. 

In this section, Beretta, second-in-command to the insurgent leader Holden, is tracking two characters through the woods when something unexpected happens…

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