Writing, Editing, and Websites

My name is Tony Del Degan, and I’m an indie published author. Lots of hard work comes with that role, and over the years I’ve gathered a wide variety of useful skills that I believe can be used to benefit more than just myself. 

I’m skilled at WordPress site creation, Adobe Creative Cloud, and the google suite of programs (Word, Slides, etc.). I know my way around a camera for both video and photography purposes, have knowledge of music and audio–being a part-time recording musician–and can write nearly every kind of document and copy from technical to creative. 

And if I don’t know how to do something, I’m a quick learner.

Video Editing

I’ve been using the Adobe Creative Cloud for nearly seven years now. I know Premiere better than the back of my hand, and After Effects almost better than the back of my head–that is to say, I can navigate my way around it enough to get things done. 

I’ve made numerous videos for many different clients over the years, some of which can be seen here.

Copywriting and WordPress

I was contracted in early 2022 to write the “help docs” for New Spark Media. It was my job to learn the application inside-and-out, then write help documentation explaining its functions.

I was contracted by Canastone Custom Homes to build a WordPress site for their business. The entire site you now see was build from the ground up by myself starting from a theme. Buttons, links, and sub-pages were all painstakingly added.

I was contracted by Najwa Zahr, a local Calgary Therapist, to migrate her website onto WordPress. Based on her specifications, I transferred the information and redesigned the entire site.

Audio Work

For the vast majority of the show’s existence, I have been the editor of each episode on the LIBI podcast. I receive the raw audio from the recorded interview, and process each track into a final product. 

The LIBI podcast showcases entrepreneurs and innovators in Calgary’s tech ecosystem. It is produced by Rainforest Alberta–a networking group working to make Alberta the next Silicon Valley.

I mentioned I was a recording musician. Here are my songs. Each one of them needs to be recorded, mixed, mastered, and properly exported. I’ve learned valuable audio information during these mixing sessions, which have improved the overall way I see audio.



Interested in one of my services? Please feel free to contact me with the form. I will respond promptly.