The Plight of Steel

There are two types of people in the world: those who are born with one of three magical gifts, and those who are afraid of them. The Plight of Steel is a story with multiple plotlines, each centered around a different kingdom, yet all interconnected in a web of conspiracy, murder, and war.

The Recognition

This is a stage play about six actors, all of whom are in pursuit of an elusive award dubbed The Recognition. To get it, they will go so far as to poison, murder, and frame each other, all while the play that they are trying to perform falls apart slowly.


Neith, a Sicarii Knight, is bound, like the rest of his kin, to an omnipotent wise man called The Hierarch, who dictates the workings of the universe. It has been determined that a Scavenger boy will bring about the destruction of the planet Taylor, and Neith is sent to stop him before millions are wiped out by the asteroid of a vengeful cosmic entity.


In this YouTube series, I give viewers a look at how I do what I do every day. From novel writing and publishing, screenplay formatting and story creation, to filmmaking on a small budget, this series gives young creatives a place to start on their own projects.