Here are a few previews of my writing projects – some I’ve announced, others you’ve never seen or heard of before. I hope you enjoy seeing what I am currently working on. Remember, though – all of this is copyrighted, even before publishing. These documents have multiple pages. Hover over the bottom to get the arrows to switch between them.

The Plight of Steel

If you haven’t bought the book and read it already, here’s a little excerpt from chapter 17.


The Point of Chaos

This is the sequel to The Plight of Steel. Here’s the first chapter to give you an idea of what it’s all about.


Exactly Where I Saw Them

This will obviously be the film that I’ll be shooting hopefully this summer, so here’s a little preview of what you can expect.


The Recognition

This is my stage-play that I’ve recently decided to adapt into a film. At some point I may release the play version on Amazon in a book format.


The Firing Row

This is the film that I’ll make after Exactly Where I Saw Them. It’s my most recent project and my absolute favourite so far.


Rosa D’Oro

This is a more elaborate film about a mafia family that runs a restaurant. I might make it later in my career, depending on how things go.



I describe this as Game of Thrones in the Old West. I’m not sure when I’ll film this, but I’m planning on it.


So I hope you enjoyed those previews. I’ll add more here as I develop new projects. Again, these are all copyrighted.