Exactly Where I Saw Them

For the first time, I will be releasing one of my projects to read for free on my website. Since the film is not going to be made, I thought it would be cool to put some more of my work up for people to see, and this time, without a charge. It’s a shorter screenplay from a couple years ago, and it’s not formatted quite correctly, but the story is there. And oh, this is copyrighted, so don’t try anything. Below are also previews from my other projects.

Here are a few previews of my writing projects – some I’ve announced, others you’ve never seen or heard of before. I hope you enjoy seeing what I am currently working on. Remember, though – all of this is copyrighted, even before publishing. These documents have multiple pages. Hover over the bottom to get the arrows to switch between them.

The Plight of Steel

If you haven’t bought the book and read it already, here’s a little excerpt from chapter 17.

A song from the book, instrumental.

The Recognition

Here’s an excerpt from my stage play, which you can now order on Amazon in book format.


Full Unreleased Scripts

Here are full scripts from unreleased projects. These were the pieces that didn’t make the cut, were never finished, or just fell off the production line.

Between the Oak Trees

A young girl’s disappearance sends ripples of corruption through a small mid-west town. Over the course of the story, it’s revealed that the case has closer ties to the lead character’s family than she might have thought.


Killing Moose

Two hitmen, a man and woman, are sent by their boss to hit two targets: a maniac weapons dealer with a sadistic disposition, and a meek strongman.

Theme composed for Killing Moose


A teenage girl is forbidden from entering her abusive father’s music room, and discovers a new perspective on life after she sneaks in. Set circa 1980.

A pop song instrumental composed for the film.

So I hope you enjoyed those previews. I’ll add more here as I develop new projects. Again, these are all copyrighted.