My name is Tony Del Degan, and this is my professional portfolio. Here, I’ve included excerpts from my creative and professional writing, as well as links to work done for clients.

New Spark Media

I was contracted in early 2022 to write the “help docs” for New Spark Media. It was my job to learn the application inside-and-out, then write help documentation explaining its functions.

Rainforest Podcast

For the vast majority of the show’s existence, I have been the editor of each episode. I receive the raw audio from the recorded interview, and process each track into a final product. 

The LIBI podcast showcases entrepreneurs and innovators in Calgary’s tech ecosystem. It is produced by Rainforest Alberta–a networking group working to make Alberta the next Silicon Valley.

Creative Work

My main passion is creative writing. This entire site is dedicated to my work, but I will include pieces here that I feel represent myself best.

My Front Door, a Finchhole

This is a short story based on a dream. 

I feel it represents my transition from childhood to adulthood, and examines the weight and pressure such a process places on the teenage mind. 

It was submitted to Loft 112, and accepted–thereafter published in their short story dispensers at the Calgary Public Library. I am proud of this piece, as it proves to both myself and others that my writing is worth it.

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Ceres (Calgary Herald)

I never imagined a work of mine would appear in a bestseller list. 

To be frank, I’m not even sure how this happened, but I’m beyond honored the Calgary Herald decided to feature my book in their list. 

Ceres, as the Herald states, is a speculative sci-fi novel. Self-published in 2022, it was my first novel release since 2019, and a story I am incredibly proud of–bestseller list, or not.