Killing Moose

Killing Moose (White)

A Film

By Tony Del Degan

A murder-for-hire circle enlists two of its members to track down two targets: a maniac weapons dealer, and a strongman.

Two hitmen for The Organization, Anna Ellwood and Brennan Whyte, are tasked with hunting down two targets for their boss. One is sadistic weapons dealer who botched a deal with The Organization, and another is a kind strongman who seems entirely passive. This is a shorter film – around seventeen pages for the screenplay – but will act as a kind of prequel to Exactly Where I Saw Them

It takes place in the same world as EWIST, as is typical with my films, and will draw connections between both itself and my future projects. This particular story happens during 1989 – much earlier than EWIST, and forms a basis for some of the backstory that is revealed later on.