Killing Moose

Killing Moose (Black)

A Film

By Tony Del Degan

A murder-for-hire circle enlists two of its members to track down two targets: a maniac weapons dealer, and a strongman.

Two hitmen for The Organization, Anna Ellwood and Brennan Whyte, are tasked with hunting down two targets for their boss. One is sadistic weapons dealer who botched a deal with The Organization, and another is a kind strongman who seems entirely passive. This is a shorter film – around seventeen pages for the screenplay – but will act as a kind of prequel to Exactly Where I Saw Them

It takes place in the same world as EWIST, as is typical with my films, and will draw connections between both itself and my future projects. This particular story happens during 1989 – much earlier than EWIST, and forms a basis for some of the backstory that is revealed later on. 


Details are subject to change. Headshots of the full cast will appear closer to the date of principal shooting.

Anna Ellwood

The hitwoman enlisted by The Bastard to hunt down his targets. She is strong-willed, but wary of her boss, which makes her adamant that his requests be fulfilled.

Kayley Young

Kayley is an incredibly talented, award-winning actress with experience in stage acting and directing. Her ability to deliver believable performances regardless of the role is inspiring, which is why I chose her for the lead of this film. Her experience with not only acting, but directing and writing as well, will be a huge help to both myself, as well as the project.




Brennan Whyte

The hitman enlisted by The Bastard, and Anna’s partner. He seems cold and unfeeling, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Dai Matsuzaka

Dai will no doubt be bringing fun and charisma to the set. His personality is the opposite entirely of his character’s, but his acting skill is honed enough that he can pull off any sort of persona. Like most of the cast, Dai has experience in musical, as well as one-act stage productions, and has even received awards for his talent.



The Bastard

The boss of The Organization. When he asks for something, he expects it to be done, and if it isn’t, then there are consequences.

Pierce English

Pierce is one of the most talented actors I know in regards to improvisation and range. He can stand on stage and deliver a three minute comedic rant entirely created on the spot, then slip into the head space of a character racked with guilt and emotion, delivering a powerful performance that makes the audience shed tears. He has starred in musical, as well as one-act productions.




Roan Lara

A sadistic weapons dealer who doesn’t take kindly to people trying to cheat him. He is highly intelligent, but his ego gets him into trouble.

Tony Del Degan

Yes, me. I will be playing the role of Roan Lara. We’ll see how it goes directing and acting at once.



Sean Hyde

A kid who works for Roan Lara, melting down bodies in drums of acid out in the woods. He’s jumpy and frantic, and entirely insane.

Jackson Bell

Jackson is a recent addition to my list of acting friends, but he is perfect for the role of Sean. He has experience in musical productions, and his energy is the perfect fit for what he’ll need to be doing.





A girl who works for Roan Lara. She’s sneaky and untrustworthy, just like her boss.

Ashley Bullick

Ashley is a committed, kind-hearted person, with experience in stage acting and behind the scenes FX and beauty makeup. She has worked on numerous musical and one-act productions, both on stage and off, making her a well-rounded addition to this talented cast.




The titular character. He is a kind-hearted strongman who got tangled up in an unfortunate situation. As the title suggests, The Bastard wants him dead.

Abhay Parmar

Abhay is an actor who shines in intense roles where lots of emotion must be portrayed through a mask of composure. He and I think the same way in many aspects of storytelling, and I think he’ll be able to give Moose a believable sadness.




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