It Was Raining in Minneapolis

It Was Raining in Minneapolis

Two brothers, one a successful actor, and the other a more modest family man, meet unexpectedly, and discuss what it means to be happy.

Bill is sitting in his kitchen, waiting for his wife and daughter to come home, when out of nowhere, his brother Richie arrives. He says he’s looking for something he left behind years ago when he left for Hollywood, and starts rummaging through Bill’s kitchen to find it. This leads them down a path of somber discussion about life and what it means to be successful and content with oneself.

This is a virtual script reading of one of my unreleased short play projects. It delves into the recesses of human behavior, shining a spotlight on what one will do to achieve their own definition of self-worth and happiness. It’s more of an impactful piece, and will leave you thinking about your own life and the lives of those around you.


Marlo Hepburn

Marlo is a second year acting student at Ambrose University with an incredible voice perfect for narrating.

Geordie Cheeseman

Geordie is an Edmonton-based actor with numerous credits in film and television, including some with Disney and Netflix.

Joel Braun

Joel is an emerging Calgary actor versed in the theatre industry. He has a perfect demeanor and skillset for this project.

Sit down, get comfortable, and listen to the audio drama on the 8 Leaf films YouTube channel.

Or listen to the audio version here. Download it with the button.

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I’ve included a download for the script below. Remember, all of this is copyrighted, but I’m giving the script out for people to read. See how I translated the project from the page to its final audio form.