Now the Editing

Now the Editing, Soon the Publishing. It has been a long road getting to this point, but the Plight of Steel is finally finished. (The writing, at least.) Now, it is in the hands of my editor, who will be going through the entire thing, searching for errors and mistakes. I do not know how long it will take him, as the page count is currently around the seven-hundred range, but once done, the novel will be ready to publish. Meanwhile, my mother, who is now my new artist, is finishing the drawings of house sigils and chapter ornaments, and

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Merchandise for the Plight of Steel, new from Tony Del Degan So my dad introduced me to this website called TeePublic, and I immediately thought of a line of merchandise that I could make for the series. I created a first design using the logo for the books, and am planning to create more in the future, including house sigil stuff and much more. So stay tuned for some more designs, and enjoy this first one. You’re now able to support the Plight of Steel before it’s out.

Coming to an End

The Plight of Steel – Coming to an End The struggles and victories I faced while writing. Now that the Plight of Steel is reaching its publishing date, I would like to write about the adventure it was writing it. First, I will tell you about some of the troubles, then move on to the good bits. The struggles: While writing, I faced lots of psychological troubles regarding the story, the writing itself, and the pacing, among other things. At some points, It seemed as if the words just appeared in my mind, ready to write down onto the paper

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Prizes? What is this?

Prizes? I wanted to write a post concerning the draw that I am doing for the Plight of Steel, as some may be wanting more information regarding it. The winner will be chosen four weeks after the release of the book, as I have said on the page, and he/she will be chosen blindly from a list of posts that use the hashtag mentioned. Posts from all websites will be compiled into one list, and the choice will be random. Where are the Prizes? As of July 30, the prizes are still in development, as I am still trying to

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I’m Tony Del Degan, author of the Plight of Steel novel series. I decided to create this website to give my readers and fans a better look at the world I have created and at myself, including some insight into the journey I had to take to get the first book written. The Plight of Steel first came about after I thought up with the idea to write a screenplay for a television series. I started it back in early 2017, and I quickly began to realize that nothing was going the way I wanted it to. To give you

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