Black Sugar

On the turbulent border between Mexico and the United States, a conflicted El Paso DEA agent is roped in by a Cartel as an informant during a time of corruption and violent gang warfare, and must quickly find a way out before his family and close relations get caught in the crossfire.

A rare form of black cocaine dubbed “Black Sugar” is popping up around El Paso, and Aston Santos, a DEA agent, is assigned to the case. Soon however, after his involvement leads to a personal loss, he is roped in by an elusive drug ring, which wants him as an informant. He is trapped in a paradox: co-operate to save his threatened family, or risk both their safety, as well as his own trying to escape his situation. 

A Future Project

This will be a television series, written in episodes. Because of the scope of this project, it won’t be produced for a while. I’m in the writing stage at the moment, which, in itself, will take some time.