An Old Shack

An Old Shack Title (White)

A Film

By Tony Del Degan

Two men encounter a decrepit shack on the plains along with two
other wanderers who have set a camp outside it, hoping to
encounter a glimpse of whoever, or whatever, lives inside.

This is a western horror piece, inspired by my longing to write something set in that time period. It follows two men: Ronan, a grim outlaw; and Clayton, his little accomplice and pack-mule. They discover two other men sitting in the middle of a field of tall grass, waiting outside a decrepit shack. Solomon, an old blind man, and Rufus, a young and slightly insane hunter greet them with hostility, but soon tell them that they are waiting for The Violin Player, who they believe is a strange being that lives inside the rotting structure. 

This will be a piece I direct sometime in the future, as I will need to amass a proper budget for it, along with actors, an old shack, and a horse… It will act as my first real film project though, with a crew to relieve me of my duties as cameraman, DP, lighting man, and basically everything else.