Tony Del Degan

Writer - Director - Actor

Tony Del Degan is a self-published author, director, screenwriter, and actor. His first novel, The Plight of Steel, is the first of many projects in the works, all of which showcase his unique aptitude for both visual and written storytelling. He is a perfectionist, and this comes across in his work — if something is not perfect, you will not see it until it is. Common genres he writes in include Fantasy — especially High-fantasy— thriller, science-fiction and abstract science-fiction, horror, drama, and historical fiction. Many of his historical works are set in or draw from the cultures of both the countries of Italy and Spain — the two places of his ancestry. 

Tony was born to a mother skilled in english and writing, and a father who possessed a passion for photography and technical skills. All his life, he was immersed in the world of capturing images and telling stories through both visual and written mediums. 

While attending middle school, he decided to begin writing short films, shooting and directing them with the help of his brother and his father. Gandersphere films was created, and with it, an entourage of short movies. That was when Tony wanted to begin writing a High-fantasy series, originally starting it as a screenplay for a television show. His father told him instead to write a novel, as a screenplay would likely go nowhere for many years, so he set off to write his first real book. 

During the process of writing, he gained knowledge that he had previously never possessed in regards to story writing and structure. The first draft was a mess, so he wrote it again, then again, until he learned from his mistakes and finished the final manuscript.

His passion for writing came from this book, and he learned everything he knows now through the creation of it. He will never put a character on paper unless the reader can feel that character through the words, never invent a world unless every aspect of it is believable. Every story he writes will transport you for a short while into the expanses of his imagination. His thoughtful, insightful ideas are sure to pull a reaction from you, drawing you in until the very end. 

"I see life as an opportunity to become something beyond myself. It's physically impossible for me to follow the crowd, to jump onto trends and become a sheep, so to speak. My perspective: why follow others when you can be your own unique version of you. This comes across in my work."

The ideas you will see in both his writing and filmmaking are as unique as they possibly can be. Tony is an ambitious creative force who pushes the limits of what a young teenager is expected to be able to do. His films, though often made for no budget, are examples of how, when faced with a challenge, Tony will produce something that looks as if it was made with hundreds of more dollars than it was. 

"I'm never satisfied. Some might look at the Plight of Steel and think I must hold that as a life achievement of some kind. It is, don't get me wrong, but it's in the past now. The ship has sailed, so what's next? There's always a higher level to reach, and I never stay too long on the current one."