8 Leaf Production Studio

8 Leaf Production Studio

Under this studio, I released a couple short films, which can be found below. Now I hold on to it as a kind of “business” entity, which might get some use in the future – the nature of which is yet undecided. 

On this page, you can also see all my props and pieces I’ve made over the years, some for films and video projects, and others for fun.


After a nuclear war between world powers destroys almost all natural life, a border checkpoint processor for the last human refuge on earth grapples with his allegiances.

It Was Raining in Minneapolis

Two brothers, one a famous actor and one a humble family man, meet for the first time in years in a quiet Minneapolis kitchen on a rainy night, and discuss what it means to be truly happy.



Costumes should be memorable, even when they’re meant to blend in and disappear. 

  • Helmets and Masks

    I have a skill in making masks our of cardboard. Why? No idea. It's cheap - free, to be exact - and yields decent results that have a chance of tricking the eye. Great for stagework, where budgets can be tight.

  • Cloth Pieces

    This is always fun for me. Some of the most memorable characters in film and television in my eyes are the ones with the coolest costume. Colors, patterns, and finding a harmony among pieces is an art I love to delve into. Be it designing and making the pieces, or compiling already made ones from the store, I love bringing a character to life through clothing.


Props add reality to the world the story takes place in. Good ones make the illusion impenetrable. I love spending time thinking of the story of the piece, adding dirt where it would naturally appear, or chipping something to indicate past damage.

  • Weaponry

    Revolvers, crossbows, swords, slingshots... Anything that can kill, I can make a fake version of it. I'm limited with certain methods, such as metalwork and bladesmithing, but I always figure something out. Designing the pieces is more my area of expertise.

  • 3D Printing

    Sometimes the easiest way is the least complicated.. or the more, depending on your view. I have an ever-evolving skill in 3D modeling, which I've used in the past to create things like this skeleton bobblehead, complete with a little springy neck. It was modeled after a design from a screenplay, and painted in a Mexican street art style.

  • Miniatures

    I have a passion for miniature things. Little trees in the craft store get me excited. When done right, miniatures can look just as good, if not better, than CGI, and depending on the person, are much easier to master. This mansion is an early example of my miniature work, constructed out of balsa wood and painted. Since this piece, I've expanded my material knowledge, and design skill.


The main purpose of the job. Aside from all the practical skills I’ve come to develop through the years, design was the original inception behind every piece you see on this page. Also included are digital designs of posters, covers, and more.

  • Illustration

    Used for designing everything from costumes to set pieces, illustration is an important skill for a designer to possess. Before I create something, I typically sketch it out with measurements or specifications.

  • Digital Designs

    Sometimes decorating a set means creating posters, propaganda, and the like. This helps build the world in a subtle way not usually detected by the average eye. Films also need a visual identity for marketing purposes. I use colors, imagery from the story, and intelligent design to give a project a nice face.

  • Putting it Together

    Costume, props, set, and everything in between come together to create a visual mood. I have an aptitude to be as stylized and unique as possible.