8 Leaf Films

8 Leaf Film Studio

My independent film studio. This is my main focus, as my career goal is to get into the film industry. I write, direct, and produce (and sometimes act in) most of the films released under the studio. My stories are filled with surrealist, imaginative elements, paired with a real, grounded style of storytelling that is sure to entertain and fascinate you. 


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The Studio

“I don’t make films unless I feel they deserve to be made. If a screenplay is not the best it can be, it won’t be shot. I’m a perfectionist, so everything has to be the best it can possibly be within the limitations that I’m presented with. My goal is not to make typical student films; my goal is to make impressive pieces of storytelling on a student budget.” 


After a nuclear war between world powers destroys almost all natural life, a border checkpoint processor for the last human refuge on earth grapples with his allegiances.

It Was Raining in Minneapolis

Two brothers, one a famous actor and one a humble family man, meet for the first time in years in a quiet Minneapolis kitchen on a rainy night, and discuss what it means to be truly happy.

Snapshots 2016 - 2018

These were the films released when the studio was called Gandersphere – hence the intros on each film. They were my introduction into the world of filmmaking; they don’t compare to what I can do now, but all of them were critical in my development as a filmmaker. Shot on a GoPro, their quality was far from perfect, but I truly believe the vision of each project was – considering my limited experience and lack of resources – conveyed as well as possible.