8 Leaf Films

8 Leaf Film Studio

My independent film studio. This is my main focus, as my career goal is to get into the film industry. I write, direct, and produce (and sometimes act in) most of the films released under the studio. My favorite genre to write in is neo-noir, with elements of thriller and even horror finding their ways into some projects. Period-pieces are also one of my specialties, and once in a while, you might see a sci-fi or fantasy piece. 


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The Studio

“I don’t make films unless I feel they deserve to be made. If a screenplay is not the best it can be, it won’t be shot. I’m a perfectionist, so everything has to be the best it can possibly be within the limitations that I’m presented with. My goal is not to make typical student films; my goal is to make impressive pieces of storytelling on a student budget.” 

Snapshots 2016 - 2018

These were the films released when the studio was called Gandersphere – hence the intros on each film. They were my introduction into the world of filmmaking; they don’t compare to what I can do now, but all of them were critical in my development as a filmmaker. Shot on a GoPro, their quality was far from perfect, but I truly believe the vision of each project was – considering my limited experience and lack of resources – conveyed as well as possible.

Where's the New Stuff?

“Due to complications arising from COVID-19, all three of the films planned to be shot during the Summer of 2020 had to be cancelled. I reflected on what that meant for me, and realized that they were all hastily written and put together anyway to compensate for the cancellation of EWIST, and the stories really didn’t seem grounded in reality. I see this whole thing as a small setback, one that I won’t spend any time pouting over. I’ve decided to take the time to write something perfect, something clever, easy to film practically, and completely unique; this, I will film next Summer (2021) – or really, whenever someone gets this virus under control, because at this point, who knows?

What will this film be? Stick around to find out…”