8 Leaf Films

8 Leaf Film Studio

My independent film studio. This is my main focus, as my career goal is to get into the film industry. I write, direct, and produce (and sometimes act in) most of the films released under the studio. You will see thriller, horror, science-fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy projects ranging from shorter pieces under thirty minutes to longer ones over an hour.


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Snapshots 2016 - 2018

These were the films released when the studio was called Gandersphere – hence the intros on each film. They were my introduction into the world of filmmaking; most were terrible, some had quite impressive moments in my opinion, but all of them were critical in my development as a filmmaker. Shot on a GoPro, their quality was far from perfect, but I truly believe the vision of each project was – considering my limited experience – conveyed as well as possible.


Exactly Where I Saw Them

Exactly Where I Saw Them

Two intertwining tales of crime in Los Angeles, both told through the eyes of the city's youth, some of whom are more prosperous - and law abiding - than others.

Killing Moose

A murder-for-hire circle enlists two of its members to track down two targets: a maniac weapons dealer, and a strongman.


A teenage girl, forbidden from listening to rock and roll by her chauvinistic father, breaks into his off-limits music room.

Production Diaries

Learn about the process of making an independent film on no budget. Throughout the production of each film, I’ll take you through the whole experience, including prop creation, actor-director relationships and collaboration, lighting, the process of translating screenplay to film, editing, BTS footage, and more. As production nears Principal Shooting, I’ll convert to video diaries so that every moment is captured.