Film Reviews

Whenever I watch a film, I feel the need to talk about what I just saw, and to analyze it in some way as a form of education for myself. Typically I just mull it over in my brain, either obsessing or remarking on how terrible the film was I just saw. Instead of losing those thoughts, I’ve decided to write them down on my perfectly usable blog so that I can formulate my thoughts, and readers can see my opinions on a film and either agree, disagree, or muse about it themselves.

How will this work? I’ve separated each post into categories: Initial Impressions, Acting, Writing/Story, Cinematography, Music, and Tone/Rewatchability. This will help me organize my thoughts, all while making everything easier to digest for the reader.

My idea with this is to provide honest commentary on a film, unfiltered, and to educate myself through talking about what I’m seeing. Readers can also learn a little about how someone immersed in film entirely (maybe a little too much) sees movies. Something you find entertaining and well done might appear to me as sloppy and filled with errors. I’m a tough critic, and say what I think, so if these posts interest you, prepare for unpopular opinions and honest insights. Some may be technically incorrect (though not many. Film is a creative medium, and nothing is set in stone), and any insight from comments would be lovely to hear.

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