Yes. 2021. Finally. I won’t write the typical drivel about how bad the year was and how happy I am for 2021, etc., ’cause you’ve probably heard everyone and their dog saying stuff of that sort already. All I’ll say, since I think of myself as more of a realist, is that I hope this year holds some better things, even though I’m aware that stuff won’t change immediately – perhaps for a little while yet.


So what’s the news with me? First off, I have new merchandise available from a new print-on-demand site called Teespring. The Spreadshirt shop is still up, and will stay up with older designs available, but all new stuff will be added to the new shop unless some kind of drastic issue arises – which I’m praying will not happen.

The Point of Chaos is currently being written, and as of this blog post being put up, I am somewhere around chapter 17. As with the Plight of Steel, this book will be around 800 pages, and is predicted to take around about a year to complete fully. That includes the time I’ve already spent on it.

What about films? Well, I’m not certain yet. I have two scripts written and ready to make, but choosing between the two is a current issue I’m facing. One has a smaller cast and is certainly less complex, while the other has a larger cast, but with a more engaging and intricate story. It depends, of course, on when we get released from our quarantine and everything goes relatively back to normal.


This year will be an interesting one, I predict. My second big novel will be released at some point, I will be turning 18, which is exciting, as well as finishing school, and I will have infinite time to work on things now (or maybe that’s wishful thinking).

Nonetheless, I have a good feeling about what will be accomplished this year, judging on what I achieved in 2020, which certainly would have been more had our entire planet not decided to crap out. I believe that everything happens for a reason, however, which sounds like some kind of voodoo nonsense, but the way I see it: there’s no point in thinking about what could have happened, only in trying to determine how to move forward.

So let’s all move forward and try to use our brains a little more this year. It’ll only be as terrible as we make it ourselves, so trying to forgive, understand, and again – move forward – is how 2021 is actually going to be better than 2020. Not by some kind of divine influence or happenstance.

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