2020 Updates

So I’ve been unable to film the projects I was looking to film this year, but in place of those, I’ve been writing some interesting things lately. One of them being the project I will be filming whenever COVID-19 is sorted out and I’m able to do things again.

Between the Oak Trees is said project. It’s a complex, yet simple story about a girl who goes missing in a small town. Her friend, the protagonist, then starts to uncover the dark truth about the townspeople around her, who are not at all as innocent as she once suspected them to be. There’s lots of themes of religion, friendship, family, betrayal, and things of that sort, and the film will very likely confuse you right up until the very end, where all your questions will be suddenly answered.

This film will feature real actors, and hopefully a DP and some more crew to alleviate some of the strain on my already overloaded brain. It will also be featured in a festival, ideally CIFF, then once we hopefully win some laurels, it will be posted up on the 8-Leaf YouTube channel.

Next is a shorter film about cowboys and supernatural monsters. This one will likely be filmed after Between the Oak Trees – after the festival circuit and a long break. It will also feature proper actors, a DP, and etc., but will be a much shorter project, which should leave room to make it highly stylized and detailed. If you want to learn more about any of these projects, information can be found on my website under the 8-Leaf Films tab in the menu.

Black Sugar is something that will come in the far future. It’s an episodic television series centered around the tragic story of a half-White, half-Hispanic DEA agent who is roped into becoming an informant for an illusive Cartel. He must then choose whether to remain a soldier of justice, or give in to crime. Think of this as a television show written in my typical neo-noir style – which you haven’t seen yet, of course. You will soon, though.

This will need a large budget and multiple actors, locations, and things of that sort, so I’m not expecting to make it anytime soon. I will start to write it, however, as I have quite a few interesting ideas that will make this show really stand out.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Subscribe to the blog to never miss an update, and sign up for my newsletter while you’re at it. Lots of interesting stuff on there.

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