Audiobook for the Plight of Steel

Yes. That’s correct. I’ll be recording an audiobook for the Plight of Steel. I thought that since I’m stuck inside right now with nothing else to do, I might as well get this done, since I’ve been meaning to anyway.

Previously, I didn’t want to record it, as I had no time to. The novel is over seven-hundred pages long with fifty-three chapters, so it’s certainly going to take a while. If I did a chapter a day, it would take fifty-three days, which would equal around two months to record the whole thing. I’ll be doing around two or three a day, however, so that time will certainly be shortened; to what, I don’t know, because I’m to lazy to calculate it.

My initial estimate for pricing will be around $35 CAD, and that’s based on the fact that audiobooks are priced much higher than paperbacks, since they’re more labor intensive and need audio editing, musical bits and various other things. The paperback right now is $23 CAD, which means the audiobook won’t be too much more.

I’ve been told by almost everyone I’ve met that they would “love to read the book, but they don’t have any time to,” and then they would ask me if I had an audiobook that they could listen to instead. I’m finding that in this era of visual mediums like film and television, reading an actual book is long-forgotten form of entertainment. Most young people only read because they have to in school – trust me, I’m one of those young people – because they believe they have so many other things to do instead. Audiobooks are popular right now, as you can listen while driving or studying, etc.

So keep an eye out for it. It won’t be done for a while, but I’m excited to see it completed. The first few chapters are going well so far – even better than I was expecting. Subscribe to the blog, my newsletter, and follow me on social media to get updates.

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