The New Year… The Point of Chaos

The Point of Chaos

So with the new year just arriving, planning on the next novel, The Point of Chaos, is now beginning. The Plight of Steel is not even released yet, I know, but planning for the next step is always something I like to do. The entire plan for the story of the four novels is something I think about every day, and most of it is planned already, including the very end of the entire series, as well as the major events of the third and final book.

Learning from my past mistakes, I am first going to write an outline for the entire novel, including every storyline, plotline, and character interaction. This will ensure that I know everything at every point, so nothing will get out of hand. This is something I suggest every author does, as in order to write foreshadowing, or even just to write a linear story, knowing what to do is always better than being blind.

Stay tuned for the release of the Plight of Steel, which is now in the hands of my editor, and keep an eye out for updates on the next novel. I predict this year will be a productive one for the series, and hopefully a successful one.

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