The Plight of Steel now has an official Newsletter! I felt it would be a good idea to create one, as I could give people updates and exclusive content directly in their inboxes. I am planning to add things like information on giveaways and discounts in both the Amazon and Teepublic stores, as well as updates and previews for trailers, videos, and novels.

Behind-the-scenes pictures for things like the upcoming final trailer will also be featured, as well as any fan artwork, writings, etc. I am planning to make these newsletters as entertaining and informative as possible, giving subscribers a look into the world of the Plight of Steel that waits behind the pages and the words.

If you are interested, please subscribe with either the link below, or the other links on the website. The first newsletter will be released once there are enough people signed up, so be sure to add your email to the list to receive it.

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